Staff and Volunteers in Our Education Program

  • Program Director, Karen Bazik. Karen in her words:

    “Hi, I’m Karen. I have been a member of Immanuel for 15 years. For the past two years, I have taught pre-school in New York City. I also have ten years experience teaching special education here in the city. I love teaching and our students are such an inspiration. It is a joy to be a member of Immanuel because our congregation places such a high value on our children and their spiritual growth.As a mother, I find the Godly Play curriculum encourages my children to explore their faith in an accessible way. They have made friends with caring adults, parents and children of our congregation and feel that they are a part of the large family of the church. They look forward to coming to Sunday School each week during the school year, and they also eagerly anticipate attending the Vacation Bible School program during the summer.”

  • Program Co-Director, Barbara Chomko. Barbara in her words:

    “I have been a member of Immanuel for 18 years and have taught Sunday School for the past 12. Though not an “educational” professional, I teach because I love kids and I love to share the stories and lessons from the Bible. I was inspired by my Sunday School teachers. It gives me a thrill to pass on some of the songs and traditions from my childhood, such as the Mitten Tree that we decorate at Christmas. Hopefully the kids learn as much from me as I have learned from them.”

  • Teacher, Lara Simone Bhasin. Lara in her words:

    “Hi! I’m Lara. I am a teacher in the Yonkers public schools and a part time graduate student. I’ve been a member of Immanuel for about four years. I teach at our Vacation Bible School in the summer, and I sometimes pitch in to help with our Godly Play Sunday School program during the school year. I treasure Immanuel for its commitment to the gospel of Christ and its witness to the beautiful traditions of the Church.”

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